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April 19, 2017

Personal Service

Do you find automated telephone answering systems frustrating when you call a business or other organization?  Many companies find it difficult to justify a full-time employee that is dedicated to answering and directing telephone calls.  Large companies especially struggle with this due to the increase in employees working from home offices and/or traveling for business purposes.  Connecting with an actual living, breathing, human being is becoming less and less the norm.  Many people on the receiving end of an automated telephone answering system express frustration and annoyance at being exposed to several rounds of automated choices before being able to leave a message or choosing “0” for customer service.  Technological advancement has come to us in many forms – some are worth embracing and some not.  Automated answering systems which are embraced by so many businesses seem to be universally despised by the end user.  Most of us appreciate the efficiency of a quick email when factual information is needed or documents must be exchanged but there are just times when a live conversation is necessary and can actually replace a thread of multiple emails.

During business hours at Clinton Electric, Inc., a live human being named Faye (not a computer generated voice) still answers our phone calls and directs individuals to the person requested or if that person is unavailable, a message is taken or voicemail is offered as an alternative. One of the benefits of working with a small to mid-size business is that in many cases, it is still possible to actually speak with a live human being and even get connected to the decision makers in the company.  At Clinton Electric Inc., we still like the personal service that can be provided by a living, breathing, person as opposed to the automated alternative.  We also understand the difficulty that small businesses face in staffing this function.  However, isn’t it reassuring to actually speak to someone instead of having to leave a message with an automated system and wondering if it will ever be heard by the correct person and addressed in a timely manner?  Of course, this is just the rambling biased opinion of one person 🙂